We are a team of Operational Managers and Cannabis Consultants who have extensive backgrounds in medical marijuana, small business ownership in the hospitality and food industry, building and engineering, health/nutrition, & Caregiving. We have come together to form Green Edge Trimmers, a premier marijuana harvesting, and trim company. We are at the service of the Colorado recreational and medical cannabis industry.


As a collective, we saw the room in the Colorado market for highly professional harvesting and trim service. Our background in service and hospitality helped us to create our philosophy for Green Edge Trimmers. We all have been marijuana caregivers and supported grow operations, in Colorado, Vermont, Michigan, California, & Hawaii.  


We understand our clients need for a straightforward, secure, flexible and respectful workforce.  We strive to offer you a trim crew and managers that reflect the high value, and level of investment you have put into your crop. Our rigorous interview process is designed to target mature, experienced trim professionals that can offer our clients the highest assurance of quality and security. We pay our trim team members a living wage and create a positive work environment. Our methods attract the best and most reliable of the available marijuana industry workers.